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Friday, 6 May 2011

Two for the "WTF are you thinking?" File...

So remember when I told you how wary I am when someone with a really Western sounding name, and a profile picture of a guy who looks like he is more American than apple pie, writes a profile that reads like the instructions for some electronics you just bought at Best Buy? Got another of those yesterday.... I have copied and's how it reads....

How are you doing today my good friend, please i don't know how you can understand this but i have an interest to you know better and express my feelings to you maybe we can have something in common, i am seeking for a love from a woman that i will share my love and life together and i see you to be that woman, please i do not mean to write more here on the site but if you feel there could be any need for us to give a try and have sometime to express our feeling with each other, please do me a favor write back to me. maybe you can find it easy to contact me with my address;meaninforlovingu@*****.com, i am giving out my addres to you with trust and believe that you will write back to me as soon as you recieve my letter. i seek for only from you. "

Woo-HOO!  I think I've hit the jackpot....

Was telling my brother about this, and he reminded me of his landlord, who is from Hong Kong originally.  When he moved here, he elected to take the name Clarence.... which, when he introduced himself to me he pronounced "Crarence".  My brother suggests maybe it's a European guy who took a less ethnic name... I guess it's possible, but why not say that? 

I thought that was going to be the strangest contact I was to have today, but that didn't even come close... I was sent a "wink" from someone with a female profile and photos attached... the name is Lipstik##. 

I'm thinking... "WTF?!, I'm SURE I specified I was looking for a man to date"  The email attached reads as follows, and again, I quote......

"Jack needs love
  My name is Jack Daniel,a male divorcee for over 4years now, I am is 46 years of age,i was born 9th of june,1965.  I'm in need of a sincere relationship and in all fairness a loving companion and have believe i see this in you;but would love to know you better and can be reached via my private mail:jackie****@***.com so you and i can relate more. 
Never mind about my profile picture. Its a picture of my sister.Awaiting a positive response soonest.

Jack Daniel"

Bet that's his real name too, right? I'm sure his profession and his income posted on the site are every bit as valid.

I had to go back to check the photos to see if I could find a 5:00 shadow.....If anyone wants the email addy, I'm happy to pass it along, because I just don't think he's my type..... a little too curvy for me!


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