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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

So just for fun we'll do a real time comparison....

So, I joined three different sites.... the first thing I notice, is that a lot of the local people are on multiple sites... remember the guy I had the actual date with?  Well he viewed my new profile on the new site I joined.... made me feel a little guilty.

About 5 minutes after signing in to the one that promises more dates and marriages per square centimeter than any other in the whole universe, there were several men sending me instant messages.... from half a world away.  There were a couple who said they were in the forces writing from the middle east.  One guy from Houston Tx and a couple from other states.    Interesting profiles, and definitely more attractive than what I had been looking at on E-melody....

I'm not generally suspicious, but am a little leery when a guy has two different profile pictures, of obviously different people, one on the yahoo chat site he moved me to right away, and the other on the dating site... so... I came out and asked him if the photos from the chat site were the same as on the dating site... we'll see what his answer is.  He sent me a looooooong email, which actually sounds rather like it's someone of Asian descent... interesting since both of the men attached to the profile are white and supposedly all American.  I wonder if you can be spammed by some con man on there easily.... will keep my guard up from now on.

I felt rather like a guppy in a shark tank with all the instant messages coming my way.  It was a little overwhelming, so I actually had to log off!  When you're talking with someone, and someone else sends an IM you get bumped out of the compose window, so I had no clue who I was answering at any given time... 

It sure looks like there's a busy time for traffic around 6pm... holy COW... trying to keep up with 7 conversations and remember who the heck you're talking to is a little amazing... I didn't realize there were that many lonely people in the world!  While this site doesn't use 29 dimensions of compatibility, maybe it's a good thing... because honestly, on E-melody, physical attractiveness doesn't seem to be one of those.  As I mentioned before, I'm not looking for a HAWT supermodel, but I do want someone who is reasonably presentable. 

OK - So back to the lonely hearts club... GOD this city is small... there is a very good reason why some people are single.  I have the site linked to my phone, so got a message to check my site email.... and guess what?

I'm not shitting you here, I got an email from an old "friend".... Smell your Dirty Underwear  Guy... this time he has offered to mow my lawn, do my laundry, vacuum my house and rub my feet in exchange for being dominated.... UGH.... I can't think of anything less alluring to me than a guy who WANTS me to yell at him... I can say I will NEVER want to take the more traditionally male role in a relationship.  It creeps me out.  UGH!  He has a rather Brazilian sounding screen name... when I asked him how he came up with it, he told me he drives a KIA... um... EEEW!  If you're gonna drive a Kia, then you have to at least have something masculine about you to rock that....

block, blockty block BLOCK! 


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