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Friday, 29 July 2011

Scarred for Life....

So... being the worst mother in the world has it's perks... I have to say, I am getting a real kick out of grossing my kids out... haha....

Remember some time ago I told you how grossed out I was at the thought that my parents might still be "doing-it" in their 50's?  Well, I'm really enjoying creeping out my kids... is that bad?

Today, my youngest came home hung over.  He'd gone to a party, and spent the night at a friend's place rather than drive home.  I thought that was rather responsible of him, but seriously, it's my day off, and I have things to worry about besides a hung over 19 year old. 

CG and I have a 'date' booked this afternoon and evening, because I haven't seen him since Tuesday because of a business trip he had to take.... and Tuesday's visit was for about 15 minutes to say hi between work and his committment to pick up his son, "CG lite" at the golf course.... Thank GOD we live 9 minutes apart... He left Wednesday for his business trip, so this has been a super long week for me... especially since he leaves this comingTuesday with his kids for his two week European holiday.

He got in last night, but my older son actually booked a beer with him before I booked him... little bastard...   Actually, I am glad they booked this beer, because Number 1 Son is moving away for school in two weeks... so I have appreciated the time CG has taken to try to get to know him before he leaves.  No. 1 says he feels more comfortable leaving his mother alone knowing the guy he's leaving her with... how cute is THAT?

So this afternoon is the first chance we've had to be alone in almost a week... anyhow...back to the story.  My younger son was moping around here for a while before a friend of his came over.  I told the friend to take my kid with him when he left, because I just had the house cleaned, and I don't need him lounging around here all day... then I threw in that CG was visiting this afternoon....

Me:  "When you leave here, please take 'Toby' with you..."

Friend:  "Ok - you need him out of your hair?"

Me:  "Yup!  I'm not waiting on my little prince this afternoon... I have other things to do..."

Toby:  "Like WHAT?"

Me:  "CG is heading over for a while this afternoon.  I haven't seen him for a few days."

Toby:  "Oh, GOD Mom, are you guys gonna "DO-IT"?"

Me:  "MAYBE!... I told you, I haven't seen him in a while..."

'Toby' and his buddy vacated so fast it reminded me of a cartoon where they leave the little dust clouds behind their heels.... So... here I am, sipping a coffee, drinking in the peace and quiet.  Sigh...

CG is coming over, but not for a few hours, so I'm going to sit and relax, and listen to the silence in my still clean house... which will only stay that way until about half an hour after the "little darlings" are home....


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