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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Ok - I know it's been a while...

I was asked by a friend to write him a character reference letter... not sure he'll ask again, but I had fun with it....

I was asked to write a ‘Character Reference Letter’ for my friend "Big I".  I’m delighted to do so, but want to warn you, I can confirm "I" doesn’t just HAVE character, he IS one as well…
"I" is bright, articulate, funny and warm.  He is incredibly observant and has an eye for detail.  He is the man who will forge a new path rather than sticking with the old way of doing something, especially if the old way is simply there because it’s the way something has always been done.
"I" and I have known each other for a very long time.  We first met at college in 1982, where we were both enrolled in the Journalism Arts program.  It was ill suited to both of us.  "Big I" hated the course, because it was stifling and restrictive, so he dropped it.  I should have done the same, but stuck it out until the end of first year.  The lesson there, is "Big I" will recognize when a path of action isn’t the right one, and will choose another.  He won’t waste time on something that clearly isn’t working, and he’s smart enough to recognize the difference.  That can translate to the bottom line in any business.  Please don’t share this story with MY employer as I have them fooled.
"Big I" and I met again in 1983 when we were both accepted to the Cinema, Television, Stage and Radio Arts program at our college.  That course WAS a good fit for both of us.  After a rigorous selection process to choose from over 400 applicants, 80 people were accepted to the course.  This should tell you that "I" will stand out in a crowd and not just because he’s tall.  I mean, he IS tall, but he’s also creative and talented.  While being ‘artsy’ isn’t always seen as a plus in a technical role, it is a plus for you because "I" will use his brilliant “out of the box” thinking style, and will come up with creative and innovative solutions to any technical problems your organization may face.
There is a number of students from our class who are still fast friends today.  "I" and I are part of that group, so my contact with him is frequent and pleasant.  From this statement you should learn that he is loyal and committed….or should be committed, one of the two…or maybe he just needs new friends. 
We still get together regularly to chat about the old days, the changes in our lives and to challenge each other on those life changes, but we remain loyal to one another.  This translates to good news for any company gaining "I" as an employee because he knows where his loyalty belongs.
The most common NICE thing people say behind his back is that "I" is among the smartest people they know.  Many times that statement is slightly different in that he might be THE smartest person they know.  So he is either smart of smarter, depending on who’s making the statement.  I would never admit out loud he’s the smartest but he’s definitely up there.  In the top 5… or 6.  So if you can stand having someone brighter than you in your organization, "I’s" your man.
In conclusion, I would love to list many more of "I’s" talents here, but I was asked to keep it to one page.

If anyone else needs me to ass-ass-inate their character, I'm on a roll!

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